Election Workers Needed in Maine

Citizens are needed to work at the polls on election day as well as in advance helping to process absentee ballots. Municipal clerks can explain more details about the work involved with election administration. Training is provided for all positions. The hours of work will vary in each community.

Below is some basic information for all Maine residents who are interested in serving as election workers:



State law sets the requirements for election workers:

  • Must be at least 18 years old
  • Must be a registered Maine voter
  • Must be a resident of the municipality or county where they will be serving
  • 16 and 17 year olds who are conditionally registered to vote are allowed to serve
  • Must not be a candidate or a member of a candidate’s immediate family

Duties and Tasks:

Although the work may vary slightly, the following duties are standard at many polling places:

  • Check in voters at the Incoming Voting List check-in table
  • Distribute ballots
  • Monitor the voting machine or ballot box
  • Help tally results at the end of the night


There are several benefits of working at the polls:

  • Opportunity to help community and residents
  • Chance to visit and see neighbors, former co-workers, old friends that you may not have seen in a while
  • Learn more about the election process
  • Some positions are paid positions and some are volunteer; this varies between communities

Get Started Today!

To sign up to serve as an election worker, please contact your town office/city hall and speak with the municipal clerk. If you need contact information, please visit the Maine Secretary of State’s Office website for a full statewide listing of phone numbers.

Contact Your Town Office or City Hall